Friday Jan 27, 2023

What process is needed if You want to move to Canada

If you want to move to in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, you will need to go through the immigration process. The process will depend on your specific circumstances and the category of immigration you are applying under. Here are the general steps to immigrate to Canada: It’s important to note that the process for immigration can be complex and […]

Cross border from Canada to US TIPs

Moving from Canada to the United States is a big task that will require a lot of organization, planning, and preparing. Aside from the obvious tasks, such as hiring a professional cross-border moving company and packing your belongings, there are many other steps to complete. Make sure to familiarize yourself with all the policies, legalities, […]

Which is the best moving companies in Toronto?

With so many businesses to choose from, you would find that the search for the most reliable mover out there could be a tedious and exhilarating task. A Comparison Guide When Looking for the Best Moving Companies in Toronto It is a good thing to know that there are currently many options available, but as […]

How to find a decent storage unit in Toronto?

Finding a storage unit in Toronto is something that sounds quite easy to do. But it is not. You can find many storage facilities all around Toronto, but are they reliable? Are your personal belongings safe there? We will try to answer these, and many more questions that can come to you while searching for a […]

Full-Service Movers Option Explained

If you’re considering hiring a pro, start by contacting three movers. Recommendations from friends and neighbors are helpful; so is the website It’s run by the professional trade organization American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). Working from your zip code and the answers to a few simple questions, AMSA contacts movers in your area, and […]

10 Most Forgotten Items

Relocation, whether it is to a local area or completely across the country, can be a very stressful time even for the most organized family. There are many items to remember and tasks to complete that many individuals forget the simplest of things. For this reason, High Level Movers composed a list of ten most […]

Moving to Thunder Bay Ontario

Considering moving in Thunder Bay? AMJ Campbell Van Lines is not simply about moving belongings. We take pride in relocating families and their possessions with care, dedication, and the highest quality of service. OUR GOAL – a worry free moving experience that exceeds your expectations. OUR GUARANTEE – to do whatever it takes to ensure […]

Frequently Asked Questions before moving to Canada

Q: How To Select The Right Mover? A: A reputable, good mover should have an established place of business, license and insurance. It is not wise to use a mover who is new to the business. They may not know what they’re doing, or they may be a fly-by-night who were doing business under another name last […]

Organize Your Move to Ottawa, ON Canada

Organize is the word that everyone would look forward to in any activity. Just like in moving, an organized move minimizes negative feedbacks and experience in any customers worldwide. We recommend that when looking for the right Ottawa moving company for you, you should first identify your specific needs, like if you’re moving special items, […]