Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

Moving to Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

Moving to Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

If you are moving to Ottawa or are relocating to Ottawa, Ontario, also known as the National Capital Region you will be impressed with the European flair of this cosmopolitan center. Ottawa lies on the Ontario/Quebec border, which adds to its dynamic cultural atmosphere and makes it a bilingual place to live and work. This is a city steeped in history, culture, charm, and diversity.

Ottawa, with its rich array of services and natural and cultural treasures, is an unparalleled community to enjoy health, comfort and economic security. Ottawa is ranked among the world’s most desirable cities to call home. Our recommend check out services of High Level Moversmoving company in Ottawa, Location and Google Reviews hire.

Ottawa, Ontario is the capital city of Canada and is the country’s fourth largest metropolis. It is located about 400 km east of Toronto and 190 km west of Montreal. The population of the city of Ottawa is approximately 809,000 with the population of the metropolitan area being around 1,150,000. The Ottawa River, the Rideau River/Canal and the Gatineau River bisect the city and offer many beautiful places for recreation and enjoyment. With the ‘emerald necklace’, a unique preserve of parklands, forests, wetlands and open spaces, as part of the cities many amenities, promoting and accessing a healthy and active lifestyle is very achievable.

If you are moving to Ottawa, you will enjoy the contrasting seasons. The range of temperatures can go from a high of 37.8 degrees Celsius in summer to a low of minus 36 degrees Celsius in winter. This extreme range of temperature permits Ottawans to engage in wide variety of activities with the side requirement of a wide range of clothing. Summers are warm and humid with July and August being the primary summer months. Autumn is the transition season from summer to winter and is variable and pleasant. The display of colour in the mixed forests of the region is stunning and at its peak in late September/early October. During an average winter a lasting snow is present from December until the end of March. Springs tend to be cool and wet but they usher in the glorious tulip season in May.

Ottawa, Ontario is a global technology and business center as well as a world-class tourism and convention destination. With more than 1500 companies active in growth sectors such as telecommunications, software, defense and security, life sciences, tourism, and film Ottawa offers diverse economic and employment opportunities. As Canada’s capital city, Ottawa is home to the federal government and dozens of governmental agencies as well as a base for foreign embassies. Ottawa is also the agricultural capital and economic center for Eastern Ontario. If you are moving to Ottawa, you will find that whatever your niche, you will be able to find satisfying employment here.

Ottawa, Ontario is a great place to live, to work and to have fun. There is so much to enjoy in Ottawa that will enrich your life…the arts and culture, the sports and outdoor adventure, the shopping, dining and nightlife. Ottawa is a cultural asset and a showcase of the best of Canada. If moving to Ottawa is in your future you on your way to living in one of the best places on earth.