Friday Jan 27, 2023

Moving to Hamilton, Ontario CANADA

Moving to Hamilton

Thinking of moving to Hamilton or relocating to Hamilton, Ontario? You are in for a real treat. Hamilton, Ontario is the 8th largest municipal region in Canada with a population of 715,000 people. Hamilton’s nicknames such as Ambitious City, Steeltown, Hammertown and Lunchbucket City tell you that this place is known as a major industrial center. With steel giants Stelco and Dofasco forming a base for the local economy and an international port at Hamilton Harbour, this city is acknowledged as a working town. Additional economic stability comes from the health and education sectors as well as from tourism and cultural activities.

Hamilton, Ontario is located on the western end of the Niagara Peninsula. The city lies at the westernmost part of Lake Ontario and much of the city, including the downtown section are on the south shore. Nestled in the heart of the Golden Horseshoe, you will find Hamilton, Ontario midway between Toronto, Ontario CANADA and Buffalo,

New York, U.S.A. Two major physical features unique to Hamilton are Burlington Bay, which marks the northern limit of the city and the Niagara Escarpment, which runs through the middle of the city, bisecting it into ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ sections.

Summers in Hamilton, Ontario are warm and humid. In summer the bay is dotted with power and sailboats aplenty. The lake and numerous shoreline parks offer an abundance of recreational opportunities from regattas to picnics from jet-skiing and windsurfing to roller-blading and biking. Summer gives way to a cool but glorious autumn season. The blaze of burnt orange, red and yellow set against the backdrop of the escarpment and a clear blue sky can be breathtaking. Winter introduces a fresh look to the city and fresh activities to delight the outdoor enthusiast. Cross-country ski or skate in a winter-wonderland covered in pristine snow ~ as much as 44 inches annually. Spring rains can be heavy but they prepare the way for a glorious showing of renewal. This is particularly evident at the Royal Botanical Gardens where you will find unmatched in scope and intensity the tulip display.

Another nickname that Hamilton, Ontario is known by is the ‘City of Waterfalls’. This is because there are at least 20 waterfalls and cascades which flow over Hamilton Mountain within the city limits. When looking from the lake to the escarpment you will find that the city of Hamilton affords many spectacular views.

If you have decided on moving to Hamilton or are relocating to Hamilton, Ontario you will find that living in this region is a real treat.