Monday Mar 27, 2023

Which is the best moving companies in Toronto?

moving companies

With so many businesses to choose from, you would find that the search for the most reliable mover out there could be a tedious and exhilarating task.

A Comparison Guide When Looking for the Best Moving Companies in Toronto

It is a good thing to know that there are currently many options available, but as a customer, it could cause confusion and stress especially if you are on a tight budget and you still want to hire only the best.
Whether you are moving next week or next year, it would be ideal if you would start the search now. Doing a comparison shopping of services is recommended. Need not worry because here is a simple but effective guide that you would surely find helpful.

Certified movers vs. non-certified

In your search, you would find that there are too many moving companies in Toronto. However, you would learn that not all of those have the certification required to ensure good service.
This is the reason why you should look at the list of certified businesses by the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). The best moving companies in Toronto surely have certification from this industry association.

To begin with, CAM has a strict compliance required before any mover is granted membership. The association aims to screen out moving firms that do not conform to the best practices the industry has set. Second, member firms are required to operate at least two years before being qualified for membership.

Thus, members are only those who have developed and adopted the best practice and those who have learned from inevitable operational situations. There is no way you could bet or try your luck on non-certified movers and expect the best from their service.

Consider Customer Satisfaction

When comparing to find the best moving companies in Toronto, it is important to consider customer satisfaction on the services they render. Nobody wants to hire a mover that has gathered too many negative and bad reviews from actual customers in the past.

It would be easy to find customer satisfaction reviews online. At times, just searching on your favorite search engine would do the trick. But if you want more credible reviews, you should check out the ones posted in Better Business Bureau or BBB ( A company is a trusted business for years if it has already generated enough realistic reviews in BBB, which were posted in the aim to recognize the best in the industry and to serve as a guide to customers.

Moving Rates and Freebies

For the budget-conscious in you, it is always a must to find and hire a moving company that collects reasonable fees. This is the usual basis for comparison among movers out there. People tend to judge options based merely on costs.

By this, it is very easy to single out the mover that offers the most attractive or cheapest rate.

Then, there are special offers like free moving supplies. The best moving companies in Toronto offer their customers with free supplies like boxes, packing tape, bubble rolls, glass and dish packs, packing paper, foam wraps, and other supplies that would be required by the activity.

Free offers would easily convince you to hire a moving company, not fully knowing that buying such items on your own would not actually cost that much to you. But if you are after convenience, getting such freebies from a mover would be ideal especially if the company would also offer free manpower on packing, which many companies do offer to persuade more customers.

In the end, carefully weigh the pros and cons of hiring a moving company and of comparing service providers out there. Do not hire a mover on impulse as you might get the worst service you could possibly imagine. Take your time, keep your patience, and be persistent when doing a short list and in choosing the right one from all the best possible moving companies that you could find in your area.