Thursday Mar 23, 2023

Most Attractive Tourist Spots in Toronto

The description of Toronto`s best attractions is obviously subject to the eye of the beholder and who is watching. Toronto being a city as huge (243 sq miles (630 kmĀ²)) gives the residents and the visitor a myriad of attraction to choose from. The following list is the opinion of several friends and connoisseurs of […]

Tips To Help You Make Decisions About Auto Insurance

There are many terms that are specific to auto insurance, and they can be confusing. It can really seem hard to understand. This article will help you understand the different terms and phrases that you are likely to encounter while shopping for insurance. By understanding these terms, you can be a more informed consumer and […]

Moving to St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

Lying in the heart of southwestern Ontario’s wine belt, St. Catharines [pop. 130,000] is located at the northern end of the Welland Canal. St. Catharines enjoys a unique climate because of the two Great Lakes which surround it, as well as the protective influence of the Niagara escarpment to its south. This has combined to […]

Moving to Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

If you are moving to Ottawa or are relocating to Ottawa, Ontario, also known as the National Capital Region you will be impressed with the European flair of this cosmopolitan center. Ottawa lies on the Ontario/Quebec border, which adds to its dynamic cultural atmosphere and makes it a bilingual place to live and work. This […]

The hidden costs of moving Part 1

If forced to choose between childbirth and moving a household, I’d pick childbirth any day. Both can be deeply painful and expensive experiences. But on moving day, no one offers you an epidural. And labor tends to produce a wonderful result at the end, while moving just leaves you surrounded by boxes. There’s another thing […]

8 most affordable American cities to move into recently published a fairly interesting article about eight of the cheaper American cities to move to for a reasonably priced lifestyle. It seems that a lot of quite well-paid professionals in America simply cannot afford to buy houses where they are currently living. The article says that they have three main choices:1. Continue to rent a […]

10 tips to avoid a moving nightmare

The Spectator in Hamilton Ontario recently published an article about a moving company whose success is based on treating customers honestly and considerately, in contrast to the way some of the same customers were treated by other movers. There are many horror stories of bad moving experiences caused by shady or incompetent movers – stories […]