Monday Mar 27, 2023

Preparing Your Vehicle for Long Distance Transport

Preparing Your Vehicle for Long Distance Transport

When you prepare to transport your car or some other vehicle for a long distances, you want it to be properly prepared. You may need to spend some time cleaning it, both inside and outside, to make sure it is as clean as possible to the bare bones. When preparing a car for transportation, take into account several tips.

  1. Give it a good washing: This is not only a good thing to do because, well, your vehicle is going to be traveling a long distance and you certainly don’t want it to be caked up with mud while it does, but also because it allows you to properly assess it before you turn it over to the transport company. A clean vehicle means you can inspect it for scratches and other blemishes, so that you don’t inadvertently blame the transport company for an issue with your vehicle that may have been pre-existing, only you didn’t know it because your car was too filthy to see it.

  2. Take everything out: This cannot be reiterated enough because even if you think that leaving your favorite sunglasses in the car is no big deal, if they aren’t in place for any reason, you will be upset. This is not to say that the auto transport company will be to blame; it might be as simple as the glasses ended up getting jostled out of place and falling under the seat during transport. The point is that if you don’t see them, you may be quick to be upset, so to avoid any misunderstanding and/or confusion, it’s best to remove everything. This is particularly so for important paperwork/personal effects that you want to assure are safe.

  3. Get everything checked: When your vehicle is being delivered, you don’t want the engine to blow on the side of the road because you haven’t changed the oil in three years and this happens to occur while the transport company is bringing your vehicle to you. Have all fluids checked before you drop off your car or have it scheduled for a pick-up to ensure it is in the best possible shape.

  4. Do leave one piece of information in the vehicle in the event of an accident or some other issue: Not that this happens, but something happen to your vehicle or the delivery driver during the transport, it is best to leave some sort of identifier in your vehicle so that anyone looking inside knows it’s yours. For example, a slip of paper taped to the dashboard with your name, phone number and the name of the transport company can ensure that if the vehicle is, for example, stolen and then recovered, the authorities know where to start. Has never had this happen, but you can never be too careful should you find yourself in this situation with your vehicle. It’s always better to provide too much information than not enough.