Friday Jan 27, 2023

Moving to Windsor, Ontario Canada

Moving to Windsor

Ending at the western terminus of Highway 401 in Ontario, Windsor is the only Canadian city where you have to travel north to enter America. While Windsor may always lie in the shadow of big brother Detroit, there can be no doubt that Windsor [pop. 300,000] is a far superior city for living. While the city’s origins go back to the early 18th century when French settlers established themselves on the southern bank of the Detroit River, it was automobile production at the turn of the century which gave Windsor its economic growth. So much so in fact, that a suburb of Windsor was even called Ford town. While the automotive sector is now in decline, a new economic engine seems to have risen in the form of the Windsor Casino, which draws thousands of visitors from both Ontario and nearby regions of America who are moving to Windsor every day for the gambling.

Nicknamed the ‘City of Roses’, moving to Windsor will be a pleasure owing to its variety of city parks; the largest of which is 5 km long and lies along the south shore of the Detroit River. Appropriately named Riverside Park, it stretches from the Ambassador Bridge eastward, and finishes near the Hiram Walker Distillery Museum. The western portion of the park contains more than 30 sculptures in the Odette sculpture park, and the central portion contains the Dieppe Gardens, Festival Place, and the Civic Terrace. Coventry Garden, the city’s second-largest park, lies across from Belle Isle and contains a floating Peace Fountain which features displays of colored lights at nighttime.

If you move to Windsor you’ll be pleased to know that every summer Windsor participates in the two week long Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival. This 14 day celebration has more than 100 special events on both sides of the river and concludes with a massive choreographed fireworks display to celebrate both Canada Day and American Independence Day. This display is one of the largest in the world and is held on the Detroit River between the two cities. It is so popular that it now attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers from both nations.

Academically, your move to Windsor will allow you to attend either St. Clair College or the University of Windsor, home to one of Ontario’s six law schools. If you find yourself relocating to Windsor, please look at our link to the city’s web site below.

Moving to Windsor will also allow you to enjoy the newly relocated Art Gallery of Windsor, now housed in the city center in a shining facility facing the Detroit River. This world-class Art Gallery has a rich collection of masterpieces by a variety of Canadian artists, and also displays an excellent collection of Aboriginal artworks. Another museum worth visiting after your move to Windsor is the Windsor Community Museum, which contains a variety of artifacts from the battle of Windsor, which was the concluding act to the Upper Canada Rebellion.