Friday Jan 27, 2023

Moving to London, Ontario CANADA

Moving to London

If you are moving to London or are relocating to London, Ontario one of the first things you will notice about this attractive city is the number of trees. Originally the community was isolated and developed in the middle of a forest and that is how it earned its nickname ‘The Forest City’. Today London, being proud of its treed reputation, plants at least 1,000 trees annually. The city is also home to many parks, pathways and green spaces, which offer year round opportunities for leisure, sports and recreation activities as well as beautiful vistas for relaxation.

With a municipal population of approximately 435,000 people, the city of London, Ontario ranks as the 11th largest city in Canada and 5th largest within the province. London’s economy is dominated by locomotive and military vehicle production with Electro-Motive Diesels Inc. now building all locomotives and General Dynamics Land Systems building armoured personnel carriers exclusively in London. Insurance and information technology jobs abound; the London Life Insurance Company was founded here. Health and life sciences research opportunities are available at the University of Western Ontario, a highly ranked Canadian institute.

The Thames River dominates London’s geography. The North Thames and Thames Rivers meet at the center of the city. The North Thames is part of man-made Fanshawe Lake, which lies in the northeast corner of London. Due to its position near the Great Lakes, London experiences vastly contrasting seasons. Winters are quite cold and snowy thanks to a snowbelt, which is fed by moisture and wind from Lake Huron. Summers are, more often than not, hot and humid.

London experiences more thunder and lightning storms than any other area in Canada. Spring and autumn are transitional seasons and are quite pleasant. Autumn, in particular, is stunning as the many trees within the city put on a grand display of vibrant colour.

London, Ontario offers a diverse cultural experience. The city is home to many festivals throughout the summer. There are many museums and theatrical facilities including the Guy Lombardo Museum and the Museum London, which features the world renowned art of Canadian artists Paul Peel and Greg Curnoe. Enjoy the music of the London Orchestra or the London Youth Symphony. There are many other places and events of artistic and cultural interest…be sure to visit them all.

If you are moving to London or are relocating to London, Ontario you will enjoy this beautiful city in the heart of South Western Ontario.