Monday Mar 27, 2023

Moving to Kingston, Ontario CANADA

Moving to Kingston

Planning on moving to Kingston or relocating to Kingston, Ontario? You will find that there is so much to see and do in this historically significant and vibrant community. Kingston, Ontario is also known as ‘Limestone City’ since many of the historically significant buildings are made from local gray limestone. A city of approximately 115,000 people it lies on the eastern end of Lake Ontario, where the lake runs into the St. Lawrence River and where the Thousand Islands begin.

Kingston also lies at the south end of the Rideau Canal, a feature, which gives the city and more specifically boaters, a water link to Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. Kingston enjoys a mild climate due for the most part to its strategic location on Lake Ontario. Long cool springs turn into warm, humid summers which in turn are followed by a colourful, temperate autumn. Winter rounds out the pallet of seasons and is usually fairly mild with significant snow coverage. The climate is ideal as is the location for the enjoyment of a wide assortment of outdoor activities. With Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River, the Rideau Canal and numerous smaller lakes in the vicinity boating, fishing and other water sports are very popular in the spring, summer and fall. In winter the frozen water surfaces are teaming with hockey players and skaters of all sorts.

Employment opportunities in Kingston, Ontario are mostly of an institutional nature with the Canadian Forces, Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital being the top three employers. In summer tourism is a big industry and many temporary jobs, which support the influx of people vacationing in and around the Kingston, Ontario area can be found.

As Kingston, Ontario is sufficiently far from any other major city it has developed a real sense of itself and supports a vibrant cultural community. The city hosts several festivals each year as well as sailing regattas and yacht and man’o’war canoe races. Kingston also supports the Kingston Symphony Orchestra, which performs from its home at Kingston’s Grand Theatre.

If you find yourself moving to Kingston or relocating to Kingston, Ontario you will be sure to enjoy all that this historical and vibrant community has to offer.