Monday Mar 27, 2023

DIY move vs. hiring movers

It is true. You can move by yourself. But if you haven’t done it before, it is possible that you will need some help. Deciding over DIY move vs. hiring movers mostly depends on your budget, distance, the complexity of the move and your own character. We will try to present all the good and the bad sides of both choices here, so you can make your decision.

Perks of a DIY move

DIY move comes in handy if you like having a complete control over the moving process. This way you can plan your move however it fits you. You can start packing two months ahead, or you can save everything to the last minute. When preparing for a DIY move, you don’t have to pack everything perfectly. Movers will want all of your boxes to be sealed, labeled and ready to go before they come to your place. When you are moving by yourself, you can pack as little or as much you like. The only important thing is that everything ends up in your rental truck. DIY move is also very friendly when it comes to saving money. Renting a truck is way cheaper than hiring movers.

DIY moving – why is it so bad?

Are you prepared to get stressed? You should be. Planning a move all by yourself isn’t an easy task. If you want to do it by yourself, you will have to start planning a few months in advance. We suggest you get a big notebook and start writing everything down. Coordinating a move will take a lot of your time and energy.

You can ask your friends to help you when it comes to the heavy furniture lifting, but we suggest you ask yourself first – can you really rely on them? If you can, you don’t have a problem. But – and it is a big but – if you can’t – Huston we have a problem! Lifting all of those boxes and large furniture is not going to be a walk in the park, and you need to be prepared for it if you choose to DIY instead of hiring a professional moving company.

Are you ready to take on every unexpected problem that comes your way? Of course, problems can happen even if you hire a professional mover, but if you plan on moving by yourself, chances get higher. Again, stop for a moment and ask yourself:

  • Are you ready for all the hard work that comes with the DIY move?
  • Are you up to the physical and psychical challenge?
  • Do you have enough experience?
  • Will you really save that much money if you have to buy additional tools?
  • Are you sure you can transfer the whole company, or hiring office movers is a more reasonable option?
  • Is DIY move vs. hiring movers really a puzzle anymore?

Hiring movers just sounds better

This is the better way, believe meDIY move comes with the promise of saving money, but are you actually experienced enough to do so? If you don’t own a truck, you will have to rent one. And if you are moving long distance, don’t forget the gas bill. Also, think about the insurance. If you plan on ensuring your grandma’s vase or your electronics – you can’t just throw them in the back of a truck.

Pros of hiring movers

First, and maybe the most important reason why to hire a moving company is that this will give you more time to focus on other things. You might need to pay for some extra services like packing or unpacking, but you will save yourself from stressing about every little thing. And believe me, moving is stressfulThere is no reason for you to take all that responsibility on yourself! You can really cut yourself some slack when hiring movers, and when the moving day comes – you will thank yourself.

Leave the heavy lifting to movers. You won’t have to worry about lifting any of your heavy sofas down the staircases and out the door. Instead, you can focus on your children and pets, important tasks, saying goodbye or you can just kick back and relax.

Another thing that comes to mind – movers are way more experienced than you are. And you want your things to be moved by professionals. No one likes broken glass all over the moving truck, and if you hire movers it is most likely that no harm will be done. Your belongings will be safe.

Moving insurance options are one more thing that comes in handy when moving. When you hire movers, you can choose a deal that fits you and your needs. Most movers offer to insure your items, and if anything gets lost or broken you will get a refund.

When it comes to the prices, you can look for moving quotes online, before making any final decision. Contact at least 3 companies, get estimates in writing and then, and only then – sign a contract.

Cons of hiring movers

Just like everything else, hiring movers has some bad aspects as well. One of them – it can get expensive. Cost can vary from state to state, but it mostly depends on the services you choose. You don’t want to pack by yourself? No problem. You don’t want to unpack either? Okay. You don’t know how to reassemble your electronics and furniture? They do. But get ready – this is going to be an expensive ride.

Hiring movers can be impersonal. It is most likely that you don’t really know who these people you are trusting with all your belongings are. That being said – you are exposed to moving scamsBe careful and do your research before trusting anyone. No one wants to become a victim of a con artist.

You should prepare to become flexible when hiring movers. If you hire professional movers, you will limit your own control over the move. You will have to work around their schedule.

DIY move vs. hiring movers comes to the one point: choosing a way to move should be about what makes you feel best. Consider your budget, timetable, and preferences before coming to a decision.